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LETTERS TO LORI "Little Girl Lost"



Daughter of a doctor and teacher, granddaughter of a Pastor and missionary and yet Lori's life choice was to use drugs-not only affecting her life and that of her son, but also, her parents, family and friends. What went wrong?

Lori is beautiful, bright and talented. How did this happen in such a strong family? Read a mother's words to her daughter as she accepts the fact that this is the last hope to save her daughter. All the programs, tears, begging and all the love have not helped Lori to find her way. Now that hope, hope for Lori to become the young woman her mother knows God has called her to be, comes through a prison sentence.

Listen and learn what this mother goes through, not only when dealing with Lori's drug use, but how she gets through the agony of wondering if her daughter will ever be saved from her addiction.

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Livin' Large and Lovin' It!



"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life." Jesus from Matthew 11:28

God wants to give you a life of abundance, mercy and grace. He desires to teach you how you can live with more fulfillment and joy in every area of your life. Look with me at the principles and life lessons found in God's Word that will teach you how you can experience this abunddant life...NOW.

I will share personal experiences and lessons learned that will bring new encouragement and hope to your life this day. Our struggles in life can be learning experiences to bring us to a new understanding of God's immense love and purpose for our individual lives.

Be blessed as you learn the principles of LIVIN' will, indeed, be LOVIN' IT!



Lessons From the Fiery Furnace



Have you ever felt that God has abandoned you....that He no longer was hearing your prayers?

Many of us have experienced such serious and trying times in our lives that we can relate to these feelings. Perhaps you have stepped out in faith and made serious life changes for God, only to have those decisions seem to not work out for you. I have good news for you in this book, my friend.

God does have a wonderful plan for your life. He cares about every concern you have. He hears your cries to Him for help. He loves you, accepts you right where you are this day and offers you hope and restoration for your hurts and failures. God is total love, mercy and grace. He desires to have you grow stronger in Him and learn some valuable lessons through your fiery trials. Join me as we discuss some very difficult times that have turned out completely for my good. Perhaps you will also gain new faith and insight as you study these lessons with me.


About Marcia McAllister


Marcia McAllister is a Pastor, Speaker, Evangelist, Real Estate Agent, Author, Mother, Grandmother and more. She spent time as a teacher and a Christian Bookstore owner. Writing is a passion and a calling for Marcia, also known as Pastor Marcia to her ministry, Beacon of HOPE Ministries out of Clearwater, FL. You can find her live on the radio every Sunday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. If you are not local to the Tampa Bay, Florida area, you can catch it on the web at

Marcia has been in the pastoral ministry for 2 decades. Raised as the daughter of a pastor and missionary, she grew up with a desire to serve the Lord. She became a high school teacher and later the owner and manager of a Christian bookstore in a small Indiana town. From the bookstore grew a counseling ministry and in 1985 a church, Cornerstone Ministry, was birthed which she pastored for several years. She has worked as a realtor in Florida for over 19 years and also pastors a ministry she pioneered in the Tampa Bay area in 2001.

You can find Marcia at Beacon of Hope Ministries, (
where she pastors. It is based in Clearwater, Florida. She is dedicated to living and teaching the powerful word of God and desires to be a part of bringing healing and restoration to hurting lives through that Word.

As the daughter of a missionary, Marcia spent many of her growing up years traveling to different areas. She is the mother of three wonderful children. She is also the proud grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren.

When not working as a Real Estate agent, she spends time working in the ministry which encompasses church services, a weekly radio show, found Sunday afternoons from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM on TanTalk Radio in Clearwater, FL. The show can be heard locally on AM 1340 or through the internet at TanTalk Radio.

Marcia's free time is spent with family and friends, time on the beach, kayaking and enjoying the local sports teams.

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