Letters to Lori Cover LETTERS TO LORI

"Little Girl Lost"

by Marcia McAllister

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Daughter of a doctor and teacher, granddaughter of a Pastor and missionary and yet Lori's life choice was to use drugs-not only affecting her life and that of her son, but also, her parents, family and friends. What went wrong? Lori is beautiful, bright and talented. How did this happen in such a strong family? Read a mother's words to her daughter as she accepts the fact that this is the last hope to save her daughter. All the programs, tears, begging and all the love have not helped Lori to find her way. Now that hope, hope for Lori to become the young woman her mother knows God has called her to be, comes through a prison sentence. Listen and learn what this mother goes through, not only when dealing with Lori's drug use, but how she gets through the agony of wondering if her daughter will ever be saved from her addiction.



About the Author

Marcia McAllister has been in the pastoral ministry for 2 decades. Raised as the daughter of a pastor and missionary, she grew up with a desire to serve the Lord. She became a high school teacher and later the owner and manager of a Christian bookstore in a small Indiana town. From the bookstore grew a counseling ministry and in 1985 a church, Cornerstone Ministry was birthed which she pastored for several years. She has worked as a realtor in Florida for over 19 years and also pastors a ministry which she pioneered in the Tampa Bay area in 2001. She is the mother of three wonderful children. She is also the proud grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren. Beacon of Hope Ministries, (www.beaconofhopeministries.com) is where she pastors. It is based in Clearwater, Florida. She is dedicated to living and teaching the powerful word of God and desires to be a part of bringing healing and restoration to hurting lives through that Word. It is her desire that this book will be a part of that ministry by helping other parents understand the spiritual aspect of helping a child heal from addiction.




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