Beacon of Hope Ministries
offers you. . .


. . .The Life-giving WORD OF GOD through:

Teaching and preaching every Sunday and Wednesday.
Free CDs are available of Pastors' teachings as available ... an ever-expanding series of life-changing topics and wisdom from the Word of God.



. . .Profound Praise, Worship and Study

Our spirit-filled music leads us into the Presence of Almighty God.  As we enter His presence we experience life-changing power to draw closer to God and we find rest from daily struggles and problems.

Our powerful worship services, dynamic prayer meetings, and interactive Bible studies




. . .Ministry - Corporate and Individual

Ministry is offered through:

Private counseling and ministry by appointment

Church line 727-888-4171 (crisis help)

Help is only a call away - You will receive a prompt response of encouragement and edification through prayer and the Word of God.


Discovering Your Ministry Gifts

You will be encouraged to discover and learn how to walk in your “Ministry Gifts” under the power of the anointing of God.  You will also learn that we are each endowed with the personality traits and gifts to accomplish God’s desired purpose for our individual lives.





Family - Fun - Friendships

Come join us as we share in fellowship for the whole family through beach parties, dinners, game nights, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve celebrations amd more.







Opportunities for Blessing

Beacon of Hope is a place where you can invest your finances, talents, and time knowing that you will be a blessing to others and that you, in turn, will be blessed.  Beacon of Hope faithfully supports benevolence through local charities.





A Place You Can Call Home


A place to invite acquaintances, friends, and family where they will receive life-giving opportunities for salvation, a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ, baptism in the Holy Spirit, deliverance, and personal growth and development.





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