About Beacon of HOPE Ministries




First and foremost, we are a family. We are a family of Christians, a family of believers, a family that spends time together. We work together, we play together and we love enlarging our family. Our family spans across the states and the continents. We encourage you to become a part of this family whether you are in Florida or somehwere else. You can receive teachings, blessings, prayers and support through our GLOBAL MINISTRY. We offer LIVE Christian Radio, CD's, prayers and teachings.


We are a full ministry. While we have a physical location and a church service, we also are a global ministry with many divisions to reach out to those that are in need...regardless of where they are in their christian walk. Much of what we at Beacon do and believe can be found in our website.

Visit these pages to learn more about us.  Hopefully,  as you see who we are....you will want to visit with  us sometime soon.  We invite you to listen to our past and LIVE radio broadcasts and become a part of our Beaconite family





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