Beacon of HOPE Ministries, Inc.

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As is the case with all ministries, it takes funds for us to keep doing our work. We are blessed by those of you who are able to help us in our mission and ministries. We want to be sure that we can always offer our CD's free of charge and your donations help with this. We know that not everyone can help, but if you can, know that EVERY single gift we receive has the same importance to us. Our goal is to reach out as much as we can and as far as we can, letting everyone know the Word of God. This year's goal is to be more prominent on the internet and in our local community. As we do this, we hope you will join us in our efforts to bring the Word to more people each day. One of our internet goals is to be able to bring you live services.


We would like to list donors on this page. If you donate and wish to have your name included on our internet list, please make us aware of your desire when you make your donation. We are happy to place a name in memory or in honor of someone. Space is limited, but for a time you will be able to have a one line comment if you wish. We do reserve the right to rephrase or delete comments as needed.


Please find below a tally for bills that we incur on a monthly basis. Please pray about adopting one of these bills, whether for a month or more. Consider making this donation above and beyond your tithes to the church. As we continue to grow and reach out, your help will become more vital.

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Mail donations to:


Please contact us for the proper mailing address for donations. We choose not to have them sent to our physical location so that they may be handled with extreme care. Email us at for the mailing address.


or call 727-888-4171


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