Beacon of Hope Ministries was birthed in September of 2001 out of an intense desire to see the Word of God become mightier in people's lives.  Having pastored for many years, I've learned that the best thing we can do for the ones who come into our ministry is to teach them the Word of God.  We must realize that what answers or direction we might have for the problems that are brought to us must be based on the principles and wisdom of God's precious Word to us.

We began Beacon of Hope in my living room on September 29, 2001 and then began renting space on the 11th floor of the Ramada Inn overlooking the bay the very next week.  The Hilton on Lois Avenue in Tampa, FL gave us an opportunity for a better space within our first month and we moved there in early October 2001.  We were blessed with an excellent facility and great services during our 11 months at the Hilton.  In August of 2002, we acquired the storefront facility at 4023 West Waters Avenue in Tampa.  In January 2005, God moved us again as growth took over to the facility at 2901 West Busch Blvd.  We made it our own by adding the old cross and an antique church bench I had in my church in Indiana.

Now again the beautiful bench and cross were moved with us as God directed us to new ministry opportunites in Dunedin in Pinellas County where we met in our beautiful new facility on Main Street. Now, after an unfortunate accident where an automobile drove through the front of the building, we met for two years at a "temporary" home.

In June of 2010 we moved to a new home. Our location was 3700 Ulmerton Road, Unit # 206, Clearwater, FL. We were excited to have a more permanent home where we could unpack our belongings and get back to our ministry work.

God has now called us to a new task. We will be temporarily meeting at The Ramada Inn in Clearwater as we await further instruction as to how we are to reach out to more people. God has clearly called us to go "outside" our walls and comfort zone, so as we make plans to follow His lead, we will meet here. We never know what He has in store for us, but we do know that as long as we follow His plan, it will all be wonderful.

We are continually thrilled to see lives being changed and hope restored to so many as they come and enter into the ministry at Beacon of Hope.  We have many, many wonderful reports of the mighty move of God in our people's lives over the last eleven years.  Now as we approach 12 years in our ministry we continue to accept willingly the challenges and triumphs as they come our way at Beacon of Hope.

You are welcome to come and experience the mighty move of God in our services and to learn the Word of God and how it can give you hope for your life.  Perhaps you will find in Beacon of Hope the church home that you have needed and are looking for.... We hope so.

In His love and for His glory,
Pastor Marcia McAllister


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