Pastor Marcia McAllister



I was raised as a pastor's daughter, moving with my family to Central America when I was ten years old.  My parents had been called by the Lord to be missionaries in Guatemala.  I learned so much about ministry and loving people during my years there.  I still have a burden for the Latin American people.  A few years ago I was blessed to be able to return on two different occasions to teach and preach the Word in several cities and villages in Honduras.  It was a tremendous blessing to be back with those dear ones again.

Throughout the years, I served as a youth pastor twice with my ex-husband, owned and operated a Christian bookstore for eleven years, taught high school, and most importantly raised my three wonderful children, Ryan, Lori, and Marc.  After a divorce in 1984, and after completing the Institute of Ministry at Gospel Crusade in Bradenton, FL, I began a church in Indiana in the small town in which we lived.  The ministry was greatly blessed, and I pastored there for seven years.  I will always cherish those wonderful memories of the mighty moving of God's Holy Spirit among us.

And now, here we are...years and many experiences later...going into the twelfth year with Beacon of HOPE Ministries.  Many dedicated and truly wonderful people of God surround me.

When you come to visit us at Beacon of Hope, you will see and feel God's love, acceptance, and His grace.  You will receive a renewed excitement for the Word of God, and learn about the spiritual tools necessary to help you overcome the enemy, satan, and all of his tactics.  You will realize that the Lord does care about all the details of your life, and that He has a wonderful plan for you.  Our number one desire is for you to fall in love with Jesus.

In His love and for His glory,
Pastor Marcia McAllister


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